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\(\C\) $\quad:\quad$\C $\qquad$Set of Complex Numbers
\(\cal A\) $\quad:\quad$\cal A
\(\cap\) $\quad:\quad$\cap
\(\Cap\) $\quad:\quad$\Cap $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\map \Card {S}\) $\quad:\quad$\map \Card {S} $\qquad$Cardinality $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\card {S}\) $\quad:\quad$\card {S} $\qquad$Cardinality $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\cases {x & : $x \ge 0$ \cr -x & : $x < 0$} \) $\quad:\quad$\cases {x & : $x \ge 0$ \cr -x & : $x < 0$}
\(\Cauchy {x_0} {\gamma}\) $\quad:\quad$\Cauchy {x_0} {\gamma} $\qquad$Cauchy Distribution $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\CC\) $\quad:\quad$\CC $\qquad$that is: \mathcal C $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\Cdm {f}\) $\quad:\quad$\Cdm {f} $\qquad$Codomain of Mapping $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(a \cdot b\) $\quad:\quad$a \cdot b
\(a \cdotp b\) $\quad:\quad$a \cdotp b
\(a \cdots b\) $\quad:\quad$a \cdots b
\(\ceiling {11.98}\) $\quad:\quad$\ceiling {11.98} $\qquad$Ceiling Function $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(30 \cels\) $\quad:\quad$30 \cels $\qquad$Degrees Celsius $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(15 \cents\) $\quad:\quad$15 \cents $\qquad$Cent $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(a \centerdot b\) $\quad:\quad$a \centerdot b $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\cfrac 2 {1 + \cfrac 2 {1 + \cfrac 2 1} }\) $\quad:\quad$\cfrac 2 {1 + \cfrac 2 {1 + \cfrac 2 1} } $\quad$AMSmath
\(\Char {R}\) $\quad:\quad$\Char {R} $\qquad$Characteristic of Ring, etc. $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\check a\) $\quad:\quad$\check a
\(\checkmark\) $\quad:\quad$\checkmark $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\chi\) $\quad:\quad$\chi
\(a \choose b\) $\quad:\quad$a \choose b
\(\Ci\) $\quad:\quad$\Ci $\qquad$Cosine Integral Function $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\circ\) $\quad:\quad$\circ
\(\circeq\) $\quad:\quad$\circeq $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\circlearrowleft\) $\quad:\quad$\circlearrowleft $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\circlearrowright\) $\quad:\quad$\circlearrowright $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\circledast\) $\quad:\quad$\circledast $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\circledcirc\) $\quad:\quad$\circledcirc $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\circleddash\) $\quad:\quad$\circleddash $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\circledR\) $\quad:\quad$\circledR $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\circledS\) $\quad:\quad$\circledS $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\cis \theta\) $\quad:\quad$\cis \theta $\qquad$$\cos \theta + i \sin \theta$ $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\map \cl S\) $\quad:\quad$\map \cl S $\qquad$Closure (Topology) $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\closedint {a_1} {a_2}\) $\quad:\quad$\closedint {a_1} {a_2} $\qquad$Closed Interval $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\clubsuit\) $\quad:\quad$\clubsuit
\(\cmod {z_1 z_2}\) $\quad:\quad$\cmod {z_1 z_2} $\qquad$Complex Modulus $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(a \colon b\) $\quad:\quad$a \colon b $\qquad$Compare a : b for $a : b$
\(\color {red} a\) $\quad:\quad$\color {red} a $\quad$color
\(\complement\) $\quad:\quad$\complement $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\condprob {A} {B}\) $\quad:\quad$\condprob {A} {B} $\qquad$Conditional Probability $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\cong\) $\quad:\quad$\cong
\(\conjclass {x}\) $\quad:\quad$\conjclass {x} $\qquad$Conjugacy Class $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\cont {f}\) $\quad:\quad$\cont {f} $\qquad$Content of Polynomial $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\ContinuousUniform {a} {v}\) $\quad:\quad$\ContinuousUniform {a} {v} $\qquad$Continuous Uniform Distribution $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\coprod\) $\quad:\quad$\coprod
\(\cos\) $\quad:\quad$\cos $\qquad$Cosine
\(\cosec\) $\quad:\quad$\cosec $\qquad$Cosecant $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\cosh\) $\quad:\quad$\cosh $\qquad$Hyperbolic Cosine
\(\Cosh\) $\quad:\quad$\Cosh $\qquad$Hyperbolic Cosine $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\cot\) $\quad:\quad$\cot $\qquad$Cotangent
\(\coth\) $\quad:\quad$\coth $\qquad$Hyperbolic Cotangent
\(\Coth\) $\quad:\quad$\Coth $\qquad$Hyperbolic Cotangent $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\cov {X, Y}\) $\quad:\quad$\cov {X, Y} $\qquad$Covariance $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\csc\) $\quad:\quad$\csc $\qquad$Cosecant
\(\csch\) $\quad:\quad$\csch $\qquad$Hyperbolic Cosecant $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\Csch\) $\quad:\quad$\Csch $\qquad$Hyperbolic Cosecant $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\cup\) $\quad:\quad$\cup
\(\Cup\) $\quad:\quad$\Cup $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\curl\) $\quad:\quad$\curl $\qquad$Curl Operator $\quad$Custom $\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$
\(\curlyeqprec\) $\quad:\quad$\curlyeqprec $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\curlyeqsucc\) $\quad:\quad$\curlyeqsucc $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\curlyvee\) $\quad:\quad$\curlyvee $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\curlywedge\) $\quad:\quad$\curlywedge $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\curvearrowleft\) $\quad:\quad$\curvearrowleft $\quad$AMSsymbols
\(\curvearrowright\) $\quad:\quad$\curvearrowright $\quad$AMSsymbols