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You're tying yourself in knots with working out what to redirect to what.

By view is that "Euclidean Space is Complete Metric Space" is a standalone page as it is, and can be based on arguments from basic metric space theory.

Then there needs to be shown a separate page that the Euclidean space is normed (currently this is buried in the depths of the proof that it's a metric space, which is not optimal).

Then you can prove that "Euclidean Space is Banach Space" by citing "Euclidean Space is Complete Metric Space" and "Euclidean Space is Normed" or however it is required.

At all stages, it is better for the individual building blocks of the proofs to stand alone in their own pages.

Again, if there are proofs for basic results which do not rely upon more abstract concepts, and are understandable at a more basic level, then these should be put together as separate proofs.

Don't forget, by the way, to assign the appropriate category to any new page that you write. --prime mover 04:28, 10 March 2012 (EST)

Better idea: I did it myself to demonstrate what I mean. --prime mover 04:39, 10 March 2012 (EST)