Theory of Algebraically Closed Fields of Characteristic p is Complete

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Let $p$ be either $0$ or a prime number.

Let $ACF_p$ be the theory of algebraically closed fields of characteristic $p$ in the language $\LL_r = \set {0, 1, +, -, \cdot}$ for rings, where:

$0, 1$ are constants


$+, -, \cdot$ are binary functions.

Then $ACF_p$ is complete.


By the Łoś-Vaught Test, it suffices to show that $ACF_p$ is satisfiable, has no finite models, and is $\kappa$-categorical for some uncountable $\kappa$.


$\C$ is an algebraically closed field of characteristic $0$.

If $p$ is a prime, then the algebraic closure of $\Z / \Z_p$ is an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p$.

Thus $ACF_p$ is satisfiable.


No Finite Models

From Algebraically Closed Field is Infinite:

$ACF_p$ has no finite models




Field of Uncountable Cardinality $\kappa$ has Transcendence Degree $\kappa$


Algebraically Closed Fields are Isomorphic iff they have the same Characteristic and Transcendence Degree

it follows that:

$ACF_p$ is $\kappa$-categorical for all uncountable $\kappa$


$ACF_p$ is $\kappa$-categorical for some uncountable $\kappa$

as was to be proved.