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b. 04/03/2001 from Kent.

Undergraduate student at the University of Warwick. (Maths and Statistics)

My interest currently lies in complex analysis, which I've been studying using Gamelin, though I intend to broaden this.

I prefer to be called by my real name, George, as opposed to Caliburn or any variation.

To do

Probability Distributions

  • Properties
    • Let $\theta \sim \ContinuousUniform {-\frac \pi 2} {\frac \pi 2}$. Let $X$ be the $x$-intercept of the line through $\tuple {x_0, \gamma}$ that makes an angle of $\theta$ with the vertical line $x = x_0$. Then $X \sim \Cauchy {x_0} {\gamma}$.
    • Let $T$ be the time period between consecutive events where these events happen at an average rate of $\lambda$. Then $T \sim \Exponential \beta$ with $\beta = 1/\lambda$.
  • Medians
  • Modes
  • Multivariate stuff


  • Point estimation
  • Interval estimation
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Regression


  • Laplace Transforms
  • Fourier Transforms
  • Multiple Integrals


  • Analytic continuation for ${}_2 F_1$

Stuff I need but can't find