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Hello, people of ProofWiki; keep on proving!

About Me

I'm just another guy interested in math.

I found ProofWiki through StumbleUpon.

If you are interested in metric topology and ordered spaces, please feel free to contribute to a page I'm working on or write on the associated talk page (I'll notice the edits).

Contact Me

As of January 12, 2013, I am on indefinite hiatus from regular participation in ProofWiki.

For general questions, please see the FAQ or the Main Talk Page or contact one of the other administrators. At the time of writing, Joe is handling technical issues with the site, and Lord_Farin and Prime.mover are primarily focused on mathematical, stylistic, and other editing concerns.

If you need to reach me in particular, you can either email alecscooper (at) or leave a message on my talk page.

Alecscooper (talk) (contributions) (sandbox) (NUM)