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This page contains a list of things I have encountered and take considerable time.

  • Develop the rigid foundations of logic and axiomatic set theory further (zeroth, first order logic) and implement a modular approach.
  • Develop the rigid foundations for Category:Complex Analysis.
  • Properly use the about template on every page linked to a disambiguation/combined (definition) page.
  • Establish connections between the results on matrices and those on operators on Hilbert/Banach space (the former are the finite-dimensional versions of the latter).
  • Establish the relations between all the kinds of set systems, similar to Sequence of Implications of Separation Axioms.
  • Develop the notion of a "partial operation" and its theory.
  • Various sources suggest that there is a viable approach possible granting Hilbert spaces over the quaternions. Vector spaces over the quaternions could constitute the first proper example of a vsp. over a division ring that is truly not commutative on PW.
  • Employ category theory to help cutting down tedious forests of similar theorems.
  • Proper categorization of the category theory section

Completed Projects