Zero of Power Set with Union

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Let $S$ be a set and let $\powerset S$ be its power set.

Consider the algebraic structure $\struct {\powerset S, \cup}$, where $\cup$ denotes set union.

Then $S$ serves as the zero element for $\struct {\powerset S, \cup}$.


We note that by Set is Subset of Itself, $S \subseteq S$ and so $S \in \powerset S$ from the definition of the power set.

From Union with Superset is Superset‎, we have:

$A \subseteq S \iff A \cup S = S = S \cup A$.

By definition of power set:

$A \subseteq S \iff A \in \powerset S$


$\forall A \in \powerset S: A \cup S = S = S \cup A$

Thus we see that $S$ acts as the zero.