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American mathematician, working in Algebra, Mathematical Programming, Operations Research, and Statistics.

Also contributed to game theory.

Developed the dual simplex method in $1954$, independently from E.M.L. Beale.

With J.T. Howson, Constructed an algorithm in $1964$ for finding Nash equilibria the case of finite two-person games, for which he received the John von Neumann Theory Prize in $1978$.




  • Born: October 11, 1920 in Buffalo, New York
  • 1949: Bachelor's degree from University of Buffalo
  • 1952 -- 1954: Instructor at the Carnegie Institute of Technology
  • 1953: Received Ph.D. at Carnegie Institute of Technology
  • 1954 -- 1955: Instructor at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory of General Electric
  • 1955 -- 1956: Engineer at Radio Corporation of America in New Jersey
  • 1956: Assistant professor and later professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • 1967: Ford Foundation Professor of Mathematics
  • 1978: Received John von Neumann Theory Prize
  • Died: April 12, 2004 in Tucson, Arizona

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