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British mathematician whose main work was in analysis.

Also renowned for the quality of his teaching books.

Did good work supporting refugees from the Nazi regime in Germany from $1933$. Adopted two such refugees, one of which was Harry Burkill.




  • Born: 1 Feb 1900, Holt, Norfolk, England
  • 1911: Entered Richmond county school
  • 1914: Entered St Paul's School, London
  • 1917: Won scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge
  • 1917: Joined Royal Engineers (as World War I had not ended)
  • January 1919: Entered Trinity College, Cambridge
  • 1921: Took first degree, he remained at Cambridge as a research student
  • 1924: Accepted chair of pure mathematics at Liverpool
  • 1 August 1928: Married Margareta Braun (a.k.a. Greta)
  • 1929: Returned to Cambridge, taking up lectureship at Peterhouse
  • 1948: Won the Adams prize
  • 1953: Elected to a fellowship of the Royal Society
  • 1961: Promoted to Reader in Mathematical Analysis
  • 1967: Retired
  • 1968 - 1973: Appointed to succeed Sir Herbert Butterfield as Master of Peterhouse
  • 1984: Death of Greta
  • Died: 6 April 1993, Sheffield, England

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Also known as

Known as both John Burkill and Charles Burkill.