Functionally Complete Logical Connectives/NAND

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The singleton set containing the following logical connective:

$\set \uparrow$: NAND

is functionally complete.


From Functionally Complete Logical Connectives: Negation and Conjunction, any boolean expression can be expressed in terms of $\land$ and $\neg$.

From NAND with Equal Arguments:

$\neg p \dashv \vdash p \uparrow p$

From Conjunction in terms of NAND:

$p \land q \dashv \vdash \paren {p \uparrow q} \uparrow \paren {p \uparrow q}$

demonstrating that $p \land q$ is expressed solely in terms of $\uparrow$.

Thus any boolean expression can be represented solely in terms of $\uparrow$.

That is, $\set \uparrow$ is functionally complete.


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