Book:A.C. Aitken/Determinants and Matrices/Third Edition

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A.C. Aitken: Determinants and Matrices (3rd Edition)

Published $\text {1944}$, Oliver & Boyd

Subject Matter


Chapter $\text I$: Definitions and Fundamental Operations of Matrices
Chapter $\text {II}$: Definition and Properties of Determinants
Chapter $\text {III}$: Adjugate and Reciprocal Matrix: Solution of Simultaneous Equations: Rank and Linear Dependence
Chapter $\text {IV}$: Cauchy and Laplace Expansions: Multiplication Theorems
Chapter $\text V$: Compound Matrices and Determinants: Dual Theorems
Chapter $\text {VI}$: Special Determinants: Alternant, Persymmetric, Bigradient, Centrosymmetric, Jacobian, Hessian, Wronskian

Further Editions