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Ben Goldacre: Bad Science

Published $\text {2008}$, 4th Estate

ISBN 978-0-00-728487-0.

Subject Matter

  • The misrepresentation and dangerous dumbing-down of science in the media, and the ongoing use of bullshit in order to turn what would otherwise be a non-story into a sensationalistic pack of lies. Also includes sufficient background knowledge to inform the reader how to detect and debunk these fibs.

Includes a chapter dedicated to the misuse of statistics.


1. Matter
2. Brain Gym
3. The Progenium XY Complex
4. Homeopathy
5. The Placebo Effect
6. The Nonsense du jour
7. Dr Gillian McKeith PhD
8. 'Pill Solves Complex Social Problem'
9. Professor Patrick Holford
10. The Doctor Will Sue You Now
11. Is Mainstream Medicine Evil?
12. How the Media Promote the Public Misunderstanding of Science
13. Why Clever People Believe Stupid Things
14. Bad Stats
15. Health Scares
16. The Media's MMR Hoax
And Another Thing
Further Reading and Acknowledgements