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C.E. Weatherburn: Advanced Vector Analysis

Published $1924$, G. Bell and Sons, Ltd..

Subject Matter


Table of Notations
Short Course
CHAPTER I. The Differential Operators.
CHAPTER II. Line, Surface, and Space Integrals.
CHAPTER III. Elements of the Potential Theory. Equation of Thermal Conduction.
CHAPTER IV. Motion of Frictionless Fluids.
CHAPTER V. Linear Vector Functions. Central Quadric Surfaces.
CHAPTER VI. The Rigid Body. Inertia Dyadic. Motion about a Fixed Point.
CHAPTER VII. Dyadics Involving $\nabla$.
CHAPTER VIII. Equilibrium of Deformable Bodies. Motion of Viscous Fluids.
CHAPTER IX. Elementary Theory of Electricity and Magnetism.
CHAPTER X. The Equations of Maxwell and Lorentz. The Lorentz-Einstein Transformation.
Notation and Formulae