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C.E. Weatherburn: Advanced Vector Analysis

Published $\text {1924}$, G. Bell and Sons, Ltd..

Subject Matter


Preface (September $1923$)
Table of Notations
Short Course
CHAPTER $\text {I}$. the differential operators.
CHAPTER $\text {II}$. line, surface, and space integrals.
CHAPTER $\text {III}$. elements of the potential theory. equation of thermal conduction.
CHAPTER $\text {IV}$. motion of frictionless fluids.
CHAPTER $\text {V}$. linear vector functions. central quadric surfaces.
CHAPTER $\text {VI}$. the rigid body. inertia dyadic. motion about a fixed point.
CHAPTER $\text {VII}$. dyadics involving $\nabla$.
CHAPTER $\text {VIII}$. equilibrium of deformable bodies. motion of viscous fluids.
CHAPTER $\text {IX}$. elementary theory of electricity and magnetism.
CHAPTER $\text {X}$. the equations of maxwell and lorentz. the lorentz-einstein transformation.
Notation and Formulae