Book:C.E. Weatherburn/Elementary Vector Analysis

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C.E. Weatherburn: Elementary Vector Analysis

Published $\text {1921}$, G. Bell and Sons, Ltd..

Subject Matter


Historical Introduction
Short Courses
CHAPTER I. Addition and Subtraction of Vectors. Centroids.
CHAPTER II. Elementary Geometrical Illustrations and Applications.
CHAPTER III. Products of Two Vectors. The Plane and the Sphere.
CHAPTER IV. Products of Three of Four Vectors. Non-Intersecting Straight Lines.
CHAPTER V. Differentiation and Integration of Vectors. Curvature and Torsion of Curves.
CHAPTER VI. Kinematics and Dynamics of a Particle.
CHAPTER VII. Dynamics of a System of Particles and of a Rigid Body.
CHAPTER VIII. Statics of a Rigid Body.
Answers to Exercises