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Charles Henry Brase and Corrinne Pellillo Brase: Understandable Statistics (10th Edition)

Published $\text {2011}$, Cengage Learning

ISBN 1-133-15202-3

Subject Matter


1. Getting Started

1.1 What is Statistics?
1.2 Random Samples
1.3 Introduction to Experimental Design

2. Organizing Data

2.1 Frequency Distributions, Histograms, and Related Topics
2.2 Bar Graphs, Circle Graphs, and Time-Series Graphs
2.3 Stem-and-Leaf Displays

3. Averages and Variation

3.1 Measures of Central Tendency: Mode, Median, and Mean
3.2 Measures of Variation
3.3 Percentiles and Box-and-Whiskers Plots

4. Elementary Probability Theory

4.1 What is Probability?
4.2 Some Probability Rules--Compound Events
4.3 Trees and Counting Techniques

5. The Binomial Probability Distribution and Related Topics

5.1 Introduction to Random Variables and Probability Distributions
5.2 Binomial Probabilities
5.3 Additional Properties of the Binomial Distribution
5.4 The Geometric and Poisson Probability Distribution

6. Normal Curves and Sampling Distributions

6.1 Graphs of Normal Probability Distributions
6.2 Standard Units and Areas Under the Standard Normal Distribution
6.3 Areas Under Any Normal Curve
6.4 Sampling Distributions
6.5 The Central Limit Theorem
6.6 Normal APproximation to Binomial Distribution and to $\hat p$ Distribution

7. Estimation

7.1 Estimating $\mu$ when $\sigma$ Is Known
7.2 Estimating $\mu$ when $\sigma$ Is Unknown
7.3 Estimating $p$ in the Binomial Distribution
7.4 Estimating $\mu_1 - \mu_2$ and $p_1 - p_2$

8. Hypothesis Testing

8.1 Introduction to Statistical Tests
8.2 Testing the Mean $\mu$
8.3 Testing a Proportion $p$
8.4 Tests Involving Paired Differences (Dependent Samples)
8.5 Testing $\mu_1 - \mu_2$ and $p_1 - p_2$ (Independent Samples)

9. Correlation and Regression

9.1 Scatter Diagrams and Linear Correlation
9.2 Linear Regression and the Coefficient of Determination
9.3 Inferences for Correlation and Regression
9.4 Multiple Regression

10. Chi-Square and $F$ Distributions

10.1 Chi-Square: Tests of Independence and Homogeneity
10.2 Chi-Square: Goodness of Fit
10.3 Testing and Estimating a Single Variance or Standard Deviation
10.4 Testing Two Variances
10.5 One-Way ANOVA: Comparing Several Sample Means
10.6 Introduction to Two-Way ANOVA

11. Nonparametric Statistics

11.1 The Sign Test for Matched Pairs
11.2 The Rank-Sum Test
11.3 Spearman Rank Correlation
11.4 Runs Test for Randomness

Appendix I: Additional Topics

Part I: Bayes's Theorem
Part II: The Hypergeometric Probability Distribution

Appendix II: Tables

Critical view


The questions are not included. You need to go online to get them, with an access code that you get from your course tutor. The upshot of it is that you will not be able to sell this book at the end of your semester. YOU ARE BEING RIPPED OFF!!!

If you are tempted to start a course which requires that the purchase of the "Hybrid" edition, change college immediately, as a matter of urgency, and if you can possibly manage it, change your nation of domicile.