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Christian Berg and Tage Gutmann Madsen: Mål- og integralteori

Published $\text {2001}$, Universitetsbogladen

ISBN 87-7834-424-7

This book is based on a set of notes originally written in $1970$ by Tage Gutmann Madsen to be used at the basic course about measure theory at the University of Copenhagen.

Subject Matter


i: Indledning
0: Regning med $\pm \infty$
1: Målelige mængder
2: Målelige afbildninger
3: Mål
4: Integral
5: Lebesgue målet i $\R^k$
6: Produktmål
7: Funktionsrummene $\LL_p$
8: Fourier transformation


The book can be downloaded as a PDF file from the University of Copenhagen for free.

Download the book from here.