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Colin C. Adams: Riot at the Calc Exam and Other Mathematically Bent Stories

Published $\text {2009}$, American Mathematical Society

ISBN 0-8218-4817-3

Subject Matter

Consists of extracts from his Mathematically Bent column from the Mathematical Intelligencer.


Notes on the Introduction
The S.S. Riemann
Pythagoras's Darkest Hour
Mangum, P.I.
Overcoming Math Anxiety
A Difficult Delivery
A Proof of God
The Red Badge of courage
This Theorem is Big
Journey to the Center of Mathematics
The Theorem Blaster
Riot at the Calc Exam
The Mathematical Ethicist
Phone Interview (script)
The Integral: A Horror Story
The Three Little Pigs
Northnorthwestern Math Department Safety Manual
Trial and Error (script)
Hiring Season
Class Reunion
Worst-Case-Scenario Survival Handbook: Mathematics
Into Thin Air
Math Talk by Colin Adams and Lew Ludwig (script)
A Deprogrammer's Tale
Research Announcement
A Killer Theorem
A Subprime Lending Market Primer
Fields Medalist Stripped
More from the Mathematical Ethicist
Math Fall Fashion Preview (script)
Dr. Yeckel and Mr. Hide
The Pepsi Putnam Challenge
Vital Sines (script)
Rumpled Stiltsken
Notes for "The S.S. Riemann"
Notes for "Overcoming Math Anxiety"
Notes for "A Difficult Delivery"
Notes for "A Proof of God"
Notes for "A Red Badge of Courage"
Notes for "Journey to the Center of Mathematics"
Notes for "The Integral: A Horror Story"
Notes for "The Three Little Pigs"
Notes for "Class Reunion"
Notes for "Into Thin Air"
Notes for "A Deprogrammer's Tale"
Notes for "Research Announcement"
Notes for "Fields Medalist Stripped"
Notes for "Vital Sines"
Notes for "Rumpled Stiltsken"