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D.M.Y. Sommerville: Analytical Conics (3rd Edition)

Published $\text {1933}$, G Bell and Sons, Ltd

Subject Matter


Preface (Victoria Univ. Coll., Wellington, N.Z., July, 1923)
Preface to the Third Edition (Victoria Univ. Coll., Wellington, N.Z.)
$\text {I}$. Coordinates
$\text {II}$. The Straight Line
$\text {III}$. The Circle
$\text {IV}$. The Ellipse
$\text {V}$. The Hyperbola
$\text {VI}$. The Parabola
$\text {VII}$. Systems of Circles and Inversion
$\text {VIII}$. Oblique Axes and Transformation of Coordinates
$\text {IX}$. Tracing of Conics
$\text {X}$. The General Conic
$\text {XI}$. Line-coordinates and Envelopes
$\text {XII}$. Projective Geometry and Homogeneous Coordinates
$\text {XIII}$. The Conic in Homogeneous Coordinates
$\text {XIV}$. The Line at Infinity and the Circular Points
$\text {XV}$. Confocal Conics and Similar Conics
$\text {XVI}$. Pencils and Ranges of Conics
$\text {XVII}$. Parametric Representation
$\text {XVIII}$. Correspondence, Homography, and Involution
$\text {XIX}$. Systems of Points on a Conic
$\text {XX}$. Invariants


Further Editions

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Most of the examples are to be missed, as they are minimally instructive.

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