Book:D.M.Y. Sommerville/Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions

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D.M.Y. Sommerville: Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions

Published $\text {1934}$, Cambridge at the University Press.

Subject Matter


Chap. I: Cartesian coordinate-system
Chap. II: The straight line and plane
Chap. III: General homogeneous or projective coordinates
Chap. IV: The sphere
Chap. V: The cone and cylinder
Chap. VI: Types of surfaces of the second order
Chap. VII: Elementary properties of quadric surfaces derived from their simplest equations
Chap. VIII: The reduction of the general equation of the second degree
Chap. IX: Generating lines and parametric representation
Chap. X: Plane sections of a quadric
Chap. XI: Tangential equations
Chap. XII: Foci and focal properties
Chap. XIII: Linear systems of quadrics
Chap. XIV: Curves and developables
Chap. XV: Invariants of a pair of quadrics
Chap. XVI: Line geometry
Chap. XVII: Algebraic surfaces