Book:David Joyner/Adventures in Group Theory

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David Joyner: Adventures in Group Theory

Published $\text {2002}$, The Johns Hopkins University Press

ISBN 0-8018-9012-8

Subject Matter


Where to begin ...
Chapter 1 Elementary, my dear Watson
Chapter 2 'And you do addition?'
Chapter 3 Bell ringing and other permutations
Chapter 4 A procession of permutation puzzles
Chapter 5 What's commutative and purple?
Chapter 6 Welcome to the machine
Chapter 7 'God's algorithm' and graphs
Chapter 8 Symmetry and the Platonic solids
Chapter 9 The illegal cube group
Chapter 10 Words which move
Chapter 11 The (legal) Rubik's Cube group
Chapter 12 Squares, two-faces, and other subgroups
Chapter 13 Other Rubik-like puzzle groups
Chapter 14 Crossing the Rubicon
Chapter 15 Some solution strategies
Chapter 16 Coda: Questions and other directions

Further Editions