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Douglas Hofstadter: Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought

Published $\text {1995}$, Allen Lane

ISBN 0-7139-9155-0

Subject Matter


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Prologue: The Why, the When, the Where, and the Who of This Book
Chapter 1. To Seek Whence Cometh a Sequence
(Douglas Hofstadter)
Preface 2: The Unconscious Juggling of Mental Objects
Chapter 2. The Architecture of Jumbo
(Douglas Hofstadter)
Preface 3: Arithmetical Play and Nondeterminism
Chapter 3. Numbo: A Study in Cognition and Recognition
(Daniel Defays)
Preface 4: The Ineradicable Eliza Effect and Its Dangers
Chapter 4. High-level Perception, Representation, and Analogy: A Critique of Artificial-Intelligence Methodology
(David Chalmers, Robert French, and Douglas Hofstadter)
Preface 5: Conceptual Halos and Alienability
Chapter 5. The Copycat Project: A Model of Mental Fluidity and Analogy-making
(Douglas Hofstadter and Melanie Mitchell)
Preface 6: Two Early AI Approaches to Analogy
Chapter 6. Perspectives on Copycat: Comparisons with Recent Work
(Melanie Mitchell and Douglas Hofstadter)
Preface 7: Retrieval of Old and Invention of New Analogies
Chapter 7. Prolegomena to Any Future Metacat
(Douglas Hofstadter)
Preface 8: Analogy-making in a Coffeehouse
Chapter 8. Tabletop, BattleOp, Ob-Platte, Potelbat, Belpatto, Platobet
(Douglas Hofstadter and Robert French)
Preface 9: The Knotty Problem of Evaluating Research in AI and Cognitive Science
Chapter 9. The Emergent Personality of Tabletop, a Perception-Based Model of Analogy-making
(Douglas Hofstadter and Robert French)
Preface 10: The Intoxicating World of Alphabets and Their Styles
Chapter 10. Letter Spirit: Esthetic Perception and Creative Play in the Rich Microcosm of the Roman Alphabet
(Douglas Hofstadter and Gary McGraw)
Epilogue: On Computers, Creativity, Credit, Brain Mechanisms, and the Turing Test