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E.T. Bell: The Development of Mathematics

Published $\text {1940}$, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.

Subject Matter

  • History of Mathematics


To Any Prospective Reader
Chapter 1. General Prospectus
Chapter 2. The Age of Empiricism
Chapter 3. Firmly Established
Chapter 4. The European Depression
Chapter 5. Detour through India, Arabia, and Spain
Chapter 6. Four Centuries of Transition, $\text {1202}$ – $\text {1603}$
Chapter 7. The Beginning of Modern Mathematics, $\text {1637}$ – $\text {1687}$
Chapter 8. Extensions of Number
Chapter 9. Toward Mathematical Structure
Chapter 10. Arithmetic Generalized
Chapter 11. Emergence of Structural Analysis
Chapter 12. Cardinal and Ordinal to $1902$
Chapter 13. From Intuition to Absolute Rigor, $\text {1700}$ – $\text {1900}$
Chapter 14. Rational Arithmetic after Fermat
Chapter 15. Contributions from Geometry
Chapter 16. The Impulse from Science
Chapter 17. From Mechanics to Generalized Variables
Chapter 18. From Applications to Abstractions
Chapter 19. Differential and Difference Equations
Chapter 20. Invariance
Chapter 21. Certain Major Theories of Functions
Chapter 22. Through Physics to General Analysis and Abstractness
Chapter 23. Uncertainties and Probabilities