Book:G. Gierz/A Compendium of Continuous Lattices

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G. GierzK.H. HofmannK. KeimelJ.D. LawsonM.W. Mislove and D.S. Scott: A Compendium of Continuous Lattices

Published $\text {1980}$, Springer-Verlag

ISBN 0-521-80338-1

Subject Matter

Table of Contents

0. A Primer on Complete Lattices
I. Lattice Theory of Continuous Lattices
II. Topology of Continuous Lattices: The Scott Topology
III. Topology of Continuous Lattices: The Lawson Topology
IV. Morphisms and Functors
V. Spectral Theory of Continuous Lattices
VI. Compact Posets and Semilattices
VII. Topological Algebra and Lattice Theory: Applications