Book:H.E. Rose/A Course in Number Theory/Second Edition

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H.E. Rose: A Course in Number Theory (2nd Edition)

Published $1994$, Oxford Science Publications

ISBN 0-19-852376-9.

Subject Matter


Preface to Second Edition
Preface to First Edition
1 Divisibility
2 Multiplicative Functions
3 Congruence Theory
4 Quadratic Residues
5 Algebraic Topics
6 Sums of Squares and Gauss Sums
7 Continued Fractions
8 Transcendental Numbers
9 Quadratic Forms
10 Genera and the Class Group
11 Partitions
12 The Prime Numbers
13 Two Major Theorems on the Primes
14 Diophantine Equations
15 Elliptic Curves: Basic Theory
16 Elliptic Curves: Further Results and Applications
Answers and Hints to Problems
Index of Notation
General Index