Book:Haran Chandra Banerji/Colebrooke's Translation of the Lilavati

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Haran Chandra Banerji: Colebrooke's Translation of the Lilavati

Published $\text {1893}$, Thacker, Spink & Co.

Subject Matter


Chap. $\text {I}$. Introduction. Definitions of Technical Terms
Chap. $\text {II}$.
Sec. $\text {I}$. Invocation. Numeration
Sec. $\text {II}$. Eight operations of Arithmetic
Sec. $\text {III}$. Fractions
Sec. $\text {IV}$. Cipher
Chap. $\text {III}$. Miscellaneous Rules
Sec. $\text {I}$. Inversion
Sec. $\text {II}$. Supposition
Sec. $\text {III}$.
Sec. $\text {IV}$. Problem concerning squares
Sec. $\text {V}$.
Sec. $\text {VI}$. Rule of Proportion
Chap. $\text {IV}$. Integration of Mixture
Sec. $\text {I}$. Interest
Sec. $\text {II}$.
Sec. $\text {III}$. Purchase and Sale
Sec. $\text {IV}$.
Sec. $\text {V}$. Alligation
Sec. $\text {VI}$. Permutations and Combinations
Chap. $\text {V}$. Progressions
Sec. $\text {I}$. Arithmetic Progression
Sec. $\text {II}$. Geometric Progression
Chap. $\text {VI}$. Plane Figure
Chap. $\text {VII}$. Excavations and Content of Solids
Chap. $\text {VIII}$. Stacks
Chap. $\text {IX}$. Saw
Chap. $\text {X}$. Mound of Grain
Chap. $\text {XI}$. Shadow of a Gnomon
Chap. $\text {XII}$. Pulverizer
Chap. $\text {XIII}$. Combination of Digits