Book:Hayward R. Alker, Jr./Mathematics and Politics

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Hayward R. Alker, Jr.: Mathematics and Politics

Published $\text {1965}$

Subject Matter


chapter $1$
Mathematics and Politics: Some Historical Relationships
A. Elements in the History of Mathematics
B. Early Applicaitons of Mathematics to Politics
C. Mathematics for Political Analysis

chapter $2$
Politics and its Measurement
A. Definitions of Politics
B. Questions Asked by Political Analysts
C. Qualitative and Quantitative Political Analysis
D. Requirements of Scientific Descriptions

chapter $3$
Measuring Inequality
A. Mathematical Definitions of Inequality
B. Unequal Votes, Taxes, and Schools

chapter $4$
Two-variable Relationships
A. Relationships between Attributes
B. Correlation and Regression Analysis
C. Associating Qualitites Means Correlation Quantities

chapter $5$
Multiple Relationships
A. The Effects of a Third Variable
B. The Analysis of Covariance: A General Formulation
C. Multivariate Theories about Politics

chapter $6$
Correlation and Causation
A. Evidence and Inference
B. Spurious Correlation: A Causal Interpretation
C. A Provisional Causal Analysis

chapter $7$
Strategy, Morality, and Politics
A. Zero-sum Rationality in Conflict Situations
B. Cooperative Rationality in Non-zero-sum Conflicts
C. Game Theory and Democratic Theory

Political Judgement and Statistical Significance