Book:Ian Stewart/Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities

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Ian Stewart: Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities

Published $\text {2008}$, Profile

ISBN 978 1 846 68345 9


Start Here
Alien Encounter
Curious Calculations
Triangle of Cards
Pop-up Dodecahedron
Sliced Fingers
Turnip for the Books
The Four-Colour Theorem
Shaggy Dog Story
Shaggy Cat Story
Rabbits in the Hat
River Crossing 1 - Farm Produce
More Curious Calculations
Extracting the Cherry
Make Me a Pentagon
What is $\pi$?
Legislating the Value of $\pi$
If They Had Passed It ...
Empty glasses
How Many -
Three Quickies
Knight's Tours
Much Undo About Knotting
White-Tailed Cats
To Find Fake Coin
Perpetual Calendar
Mathematical Jokes 1
Deceptive Dice
An Age-Old Old-Age Problem
Why Does Minus Times Minus Make Plus?
Heron Suit
How to Unmake a Greek Cross
How to Remember a Round Number
The Bridges of Königsberg
How to do Lots of Mathematics
Euler's Pentagonal Holiday
Ouroborean Rings
The Ourotorus
Who Was Pythagoras?
Proofs of Pythagoras
A Constant Bore
Fermat's Last Theorem
Pythagorean Triples
Prime Factoids
A Little-Known Pythagorean Curiosity
Digital Century
Squaring the Square
Magic Squares
Squares of Squares
Ring a-Ring a-Ringroad
Pure v. Applied
Magic Hexagon
Wallpaper Patterns
How Old Was Diophantus?
If You Thought Mathematicians Were Good at Arithmetic ...
The Sphinx is a Reptile
Six Degrees of Separation
Trisectors Beware!
Langford's Cubes
Duplicating the Cube
Magic Stars
Curves of Constant Width
Connecting Cables
Coin Swap
The Stolen Car
Space-Filling Curves
Compensating Errors
The Square Wheel
Why Can't I Divide by Zero?
River Crossing 2 - Marital Mistrust
Srvherefore Art Thou Borromeo?
Percentage Play
Kinds of People
The Sausage Conjecture
Tom Fool's Knot
New Merology
Numerical Spell
Spelling Mistakes
Expanding Universe
What is the Golden Number?
What are the Fibonacci Numbers?
The Plastic Number
Family Occasion
Don't Let Go!
Theorem: All Numbers are Interesting
Theorem: All Numbers are Boring
The Most Likely Digit
Why Call lt a Witch?
Möbius and His Band
Golden Oldie
Three More Quickies
Miles of Tiles
Chaos Theory
Pick's Theorem
Mathematical Prizes
Why No Nobel for Maths?
Is There a Perfect Cuboid?
Paradox Lost
When Will My MP3 Player Repeat?
Six Pens
Patented Primes
The Poincaré Conjecture
Hippopotamian Logic
Langton's Ant
Pig on a Rope
The Surprise Examination
Antigravity Cone
Mathematical Jokes 2
Why Gauss Became a Mathematician
What Shape is a Crescent Moon?
Famous Mathematicians
What is a Mersenne Prime?
The Goldbach Conjecture
Turtles All the Way Down
Hilbert's Hotel
Continuum Coaches
A Puzzling Dissection
A Really Puzzling Dissection
Nothing Up My Sleeve ...
Nothing Down My Leg ...
Two Perpendiculars
Can You Hear the Shape of a Drum?
What is e, and Why?
May Husband and Ay ...
Many Knees, Many Seats
Euler's Formula
What Day is It?
Strictly Logical
Logical or Not?
A Question of Breeding
Fair Shares
The Sixth Deadly Sin
Weird Arithmetic
How Deep is the Well?
MacMahon's Squares
What is the Square Root of Minus One?
The Most Beautiful Formula
Why is Euler's Beautiful Formula True?
Your Call May be Monitored for Training Purposes
Archimedes, You Old Fraud!
Fractals - The Geometry of Nature
The Missing Symbol
Where There's a Wall, There's a Way
Constants to 50 Places
Richard's Paradox
Connecting Utilities
Are Hard Problems Easy? or How to Win a Million Dollars by Proving the Obvious
Don't Get the Goat
All Triangles are Isosceles
Square Year
Gödel's Theorems
If $\pi$ isn't a Fraction, How Can You Calculate It?
Infinite Wealth
Let Fate Decide
How Many -
What Shape is a Rainbow?
Alien Abduction
The Riemann Hypothesis
Disproof of the Riemann Hypothesis
Murder in the Park
The Cube of Cheese
The Game of Life
Two-Horse Race
Drawing an Ellipse - and More?
Mathematical Jokes 3
The Kepler Problem
The Milk Crate Problem
Equal Rights
Road Network
Complexity Science
Scrabble Oddity
Dragon Curve
Spherical sliced Bread
Mathematical Theology
Professor Stewart's Cunning Crib Sheet