Book:Ian Stewart/Professor Stewart's Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries

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Ian Stewart: Professor Stewart's Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries

Published $\text {2014}$, Profile

ISBN 978-1846683480


Introducing Soames and Watsup
Note on Units
The Scandal of the Stolen Sovereign
Number Curiosity
Track Position
Soames Meets Watsup
Geomagic Squares
What Shape is an Orange Peel?
How to Win the Lottery
The Green Socks Caper Incident
Consecutive Cubes
Adonis Asteroid Mousterian
Two Square Quickies
Caught Clean-Handed
The Adventure of the Cardboard Boxes
The RATS Sequence
Birthdays Are Good for You
Mathematical Dates
The Hound of the Basketballs
Digital Cubes
Narcissistic Numbers
Piphilology, Piems and Pilish
A Brief History of Sudoku
Once, Twice, Thrice
Conservation of Luck
The Case of the Face-Down Aces
Confused Parents
Jigsaw Paradox
The Catflap of Fear
Pancake Numbers
The Soup Plate Trick
Mathematical Haiku
The Case of the Cryptic Cartwheel
Two by Two
The V-shaped Goose Mystery
Eelish Mnemonics
Amazing Squares
The Thirty-Seven Mystery
Average Speed
Four Clueless Pseudoku
Sums of Cubes
The Puzzle of the Purloined Papers
Master of All He Surveys
Another Number Curiosity
The Opaque Square Problem
Opaque Polygons and Circles
$\pi r^2$?
The Sign of One
Progress on Prime Gaps
The Odd Goldbach Conjecture
Prime Number Mysteries
The Optimal Pyramid
The Sign of One: Part Two
Initial Confusion
Euclid's Doodle
Euclidean Efficiency
$123456789$ Times $X$
The Sign of One: Part Three
Taxicab Numbers
The Wave of Translation
Riddle of the Sands
Eskimo $\pi$
The Sign of One: Part Four -- Concluded
Seriously Deranged
Tossing a Fair Coin Isn't Fair
Playing Poker by Post
Eliminating the Impossible
Mussel Power
Proof that the World is Round
The Riddle of the Golden Rhombus
A Powerful Arithmetic Sequence
Why Do Guinness Bubbles Go Downwards?
Random Harmonic Series
The Dogs That Fight in the Park
How Tall is That Tree?
Why Do My Friends Have More Friends Than I Do?
Isn't Statistics Wonderful?
The Adventure of the Six Guests
How to Write Very Big Numbers
Graham's Number
Can't Wrap My Head Around It
The Affair of the Above-Average Driver
The Mousetrap Cube
Sierpiński Numbers
James Joseph Who?
The Baffleham Burglary
The Quadrillionth Digit of $\pi$
Is $\pi$ Normal?
A Mathematician, a Statistician, and an Engineer...
Lakes of Wada
Fermat's Last Limerick
Malfatti's Mistake
Square Leftovers
Coin Tossing over the Phone
How to Stop Unwanted Echoes
The Enigma of the Versatile Tile
The Thrackle Conjecture
Bargain with the Devil
A Tiling That Is Not Periodic
The Two Colour Theorem
The Four Colour Theorem in Space
Comical Calculus
The Erdős Discrepancy Problem
The Greek Integrator
Sums of Four Cubes
Why the Leopard Got Its Spots
Polygons Forever
Top Secret
The Adventure of the Rowing Men
The Fifteen Puzzle
A Tricky Six Puzzle
As Difficult as ABC
Rings of Regular Solids
The Square Peg Problem
The Impossible Route
The Final Problem
The Return
The Final Solution
The Mysteries Demystified