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J.A. Bondy and U.S.R. Murty: Graph Theory

Published $\text {2008}$, Springer

ISBN 978-1-84996-690-0

Subject Matter


1 Graphs
2 Subgraphs
3 Connected Graphs
4 Trees
5 Nonseparable Graphs
6 Tree-Search Algorithms
7 Flows in Networks
8 Complexity of Algorithms
9 Connectivity
10 Planar Graphs
11 The Four-Colour Problem
12 Stable Sets and Cliques
13 The Probabilistic Method
14 Vertex Colourings
15 Colourings of Maps
16 Matchings
17 Edge Colourings
18 Hamilton Cycles
19 Coverings and Packings in Directed Graphs
20 Electrical Networks
21 Integer Flows and Coverings
Unsolved Problems
General Mathematical Notation
Graph Parameters
Operations and Relations
Families of Graphs
Other Notation