Book:James S. Kraft/An Introduction to Number Theory with Cryptography

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James S. Kraft and Lawrence C. Washington: An Introduction to Number Theory with Cryptography

Published $\text {2013}$, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

ISBN 978-1482214413

Subject Matter



0 Introduction
0.1. Diophantine Equations
0.2. Modular Arithmetic
0.3. Primes and the Distribution of Primes
0.4 Cryptography
1 Divisibility
2 Unique Factorization
3 Applications of Unique Factorization
3.6 Prime Factorization of Factorials
4 Congruences
5 Cryptographic Applications
6 Polynomial Congruences
7 Order and Primitive Roots
8 More Cryptographic Applications
9 Quadratic Reciprocity
10 Primality and Factorization
11 Geometry of Numbers
12 Arithmetic Functions
13 Continued Fractions
14 Gaussian Integers
15 Algebraic Integers
16 Analytic Methods
17 Epilogue: Fermat's Last Theorem
A Supplementary Topics
B Answers and Hints for Odd-Numbered Exercises