Book:John B. Conway/Functions of One Complex Variable/Second Edition

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John B. Conway: Functions of One Complex Variable (2nd Edition)

Published $\text {1978}$, Springer-Verlag

Subject Matter

Second edition of 1973: John B. Conway: Functions of One Complex Variable


I. The Complex Number System
II. Metric Spaces and the Topology of $\C$
III. Elementary Properties and Examples of Analytic Functions
IV. Complex Integration
V. Singularities
VI. The Maximum Modulus Theorem
VII. Compactness and Convergence in the Space of Analytic Functions
VIII. Runge's Theorem
IX. Analytic Continuation and Riemann Surfaces
X. Harmonic Functions
XI. Entire Functions
XII. The Range of an Analytic Function
Appendix A: Calculus for Complex Valued Functions on an Interval
Appendix B: Suggestions for Further Study and Bibliographical Notes
List of Symbols