Book:Kenneth H. Rosen/Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics

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Kenneth H. Rosen and John G. Michaels: Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics

Published $\text {2000}$, CRC Press

ISBN 0849301491

Subject Matter


$\S 1$ Foundations

$\S 2$ Counting Methods

$\S 3$ Sequences

$\S 4$ Number Theory

$\S 5$ Algebraic Structures

$\S 6$ Linear Algebra

$\S 7$ Discrete Probability

$\S 8$ Graph Theory

$\S 9$ Trees

$\S 10$ Networks and Flows

$\S 11$ Partially Ordered Sets

$\S 12$ Combinatorial Designs

$\S 13$ Discrete and Computation Geometry

$\S 14$ Coding Theory and Cryptology

$\S 15$ Discrete Optimization

$\S 16$ Theoretical Computer Science

$\S 17$ Information Structures