Book:Malba Tahan/O Homem que Calculava

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Malba Tahan: O Homem que Calculava (The Man who Counted)

Published $\text {1949}$, Canongate Press

ISBN 0 86241 496 2 (translated by Leslie Clark and Alastair Reid)


CHAPTER 1 A meeting o the minds
CHAPTER 2 Someone to count on
CHAPTER 3 Beasts of burden
CHAPTER 4 Food for thought
CHAPTER 5 In so many words
CHAPTER 6 Trial by numbers
CHAPTER 7 Going to market
CHAPTER 8 Seventh heaven
CHAPTER 9 In the stars
CHAPTER 10 Bird in the hand
CHAPTER 11 For good measure
CHAPTER 12 Circular reasoning
CHAPTER 13 Friendship knows no bounds
CHAPTER 14 An eternal truth
CHAPTER 15 Squared away
CHAPTER 16 The game plan
CHAPTER 17 Of apples and ants
CHAPTER 18 A perilous pearl
CHAPTER 19 Sailor's choice
CHAPTER 20 The power of ten
CHAPTER 21 The writing on the wall
CHAPTER 22 Half and half
CHAPTER 23 All is relative
CHAPTER 24 Eureka!
CHAPTER 25 The questions commence
CHAPTER 26 One for the book
CHAPTER 27 History in the making
CHAPTER 28 False hopes
CHAPTER 29 Single-handed success
CHAPTER 30 Three of a kind
CHAPTER 31 In black and white
CHAPTER 32 A balancing act
CHAPTER 33 Eye to eye
CHAPTER 34 Of life and love