Book:Murray R. Spiegel/Theory and Problems of Laplace Transforms

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Murray R. Spiegel: Theory and Problems of Laplace Transforms

Published $\text {1965}$, Schaum's Outline Series: McGraw-Hill Book Company

Subject Matter


Chapter 1: The Laplace Transform
Chapter 2: The Inverse Laplace Transform
Chapter 3: Applications to Differential Equations
Chapter 4: Applications to Integral and Difference Equations
Chapter 5: Complex Variable Theory
Chapter 6: Fourier Series and Integrals
Chapter 7: The Complex Inversion Formula
Chapter 8: Applications to Boundary-Value Problems
Appendix A. Table of General Properties of Laplace Transforms
Appendix B. Table of Special Laplace Transforms
Appendix C. Table of Special Functions


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