Book:Nora Hartsfield/Pearls in Graph Theory: A Comprehensive Introduction

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Nora Hartsfield and Gerhard Ringel: Pearls in Graph Theory: A Comprehensive Introduction

Published $\text {1990}$, Dover Publications

ISBN 978-0486432328

Subject Matter


Foreword to the Revised Edition
Chapter 1. Basic Graph Theory
1.1 Graphs and Degrees of Vertices
1.2 Subgraphs, Isomorphic Graphs
1.3 Trees
Chapter 2. Colorings of Graphs
2.1 Vertex Colorings
2.2 Edge Colorings
2.3 Decompositions and Hamilton Cycles
2.4 More Decomposition
Chapter 3. Circuits and Cycles
3.1 Eulerian Circuits
3.2 The Oberwolfach Problem
3.3 Infinite Lattice Graphs
Chapter 4. Extremal Problems
4.1 A Theorem of Turan
4.2 Cages
4.3 Ramsey Theory
Chapter 5. Counting
5.1 Counting $1$-Factors
5.2 Cayley's Spanning Tree Formula
5.3 More Spanning Trees
Chapter 6. Labeling Graphs
6.1 Magic Graphs and Graceful Trees
6.2 Conservative Graphs
Chapter 7. Applications and Algorithms
7.1 Spanning Tree Algorithms
7.2 Matchings in Graphs, Scheduling Problems
7.3 Binary Trees and Prefix Codes
Chapter 8. Drawings of Graphs
8.1 Planar Graphs
8.2 The Four Color Theorem
8.3 The Five Color Theorem
8.4 Graphs and Geometry
Chapter 9. Measurements of Closeness to Planarity
9.1 Crossing Number
9.2 Thickness and Splitting Number
9.3 Heawood's Empire Problem
Chapter 10. Graphs on Surfaces
10.1 Rotations of Graphs
10.2 Planar Graphs Revisited
10.3 The Genus of a Graph