Book:Richard J. Miller/Unity Root Matrix Theory: A Quark Flavour Model

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Richard J. Miller: Unity Root Matrix Theory: A Quark Flavour Model

Published $\text {2016}$, New Generation Publishing

ISBN 978-1-78719-212-6

Subject Matter


Mathematical and Physical Advances
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Dedication and Acknowledgements

Part I: URMT Mathematical Extensions
1 URM3 Review
2 A three-axis expansion of URM3
3 URM2 from URM3
Part II: Isospin and the Up and Down Quarks
4 Conventional Isospin
5 URM2 Isospin
6 Unitary Transformations
Part III: Three Quarks
7 URM3 and the Strange Quark
8 State Transition Evolution
9 Exponential Evolution
10 URM2 Evolution
11 Gell-Mann Matrices
12 Hadrons
Part IV: All Six Quarks
13 URM6 Charm Bottom and Top
14 Numerical Example
15 Appendix (A) URM3
16 Appendix (B) URM3 Eigenvector Evolution
17 Appendix (C) Reserved
17 Appendix (D) Special Unitary Groups
18 Appendix (E) Reciprocal and Conjugate Eigenvectors
20 Appendix (F) Conservation Equations and Invariants
21 Appendix (G) Calculus Properties of URMT
22 Appendix (H) URM2
23 Appendix (I) Glossary of Terms and Definitions
24 Appendix (J) The Standard Physical Interpretation
25 Appendix (K) Conventions
26 Appendix (L) Notation