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Richard K. Miller and Anthony N. Michel: Ordinary Differential Equations

Published $\text {1982}$, Dover Publications

ISBN 978-0-486-46248-6

Subject Matter


1: Introduction
1.1 Initial Value Problems
1.2 Examples of Initial Value Problems
2: Fundamental Theory
2.1 Preliminaries
2.2 Existence of Solutions
2.3 Continuation of Solutions
2.4 Uniqueness of Solutions
2.5 Continuity of Solutions with Respect to Parameters
2.6 Systems of Equations
2.7 Differentiability with Respect to Parameters
2.8 Comparison Theory
2.9 Complex Valued Systems
3: Linear Systems
3.1 Preliminaries
3.2 Linear Homogeneous and Nonhomogeneous Systems
3.3 Linear Systems with Constant Coefficients
3.4 Linear Systems with Periodic Coefficients
3.5 Linear $n$th Order Ordinary Differential Equations
3.6 Oscillation Theory