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Roland VilsmeierFayssal Benkhaldoun and Dieter Hänel: Finite Volumes for Complex Applications II: Problems and Perspectives

Published $\text {1999}$, Hermes

ISBN 2-7462-0057-0


Editor's preface
Invited speakers
Construction of some genuinely multidimensional upwind distributive schemes — R. Abgrall
A Roe-type Linearization for the Euler Equations for Weakly Ionized Gases — F. Coquel, C. Marmignon
Multidimensional Upwind Residual Distribution Schemes and Application — H. Deconinck, G. Degrez
Overcoming mass losses in Level Set-based interface tracking schemes — Th. Schneider, R. Klein
Coupling mixed and finite volume discretizaitons of convection-diffusion-reaction equatinos on non-matching grids — R.D. Lazarov, J.E. Pasciak, P.S. Vassilevski
Numerical computation of 3D two phase flow by finite volumes methods using flux schemes — J.M. Ghidaglia
The MoT-ICE: a new high-resolution wave-propagation algorithm based on Fey's Method of Transport — S. Noelle

Numerical Analysis
Error estimate for a finite volume scheme on a MAC mesh for the Stokes problem — P. Blanc
Convergence Rate of the Finite Volume Time-explicit Upwind Schemes for the Maxwell System on a Bounded Domain — Y. Coudière, P. Villedieu
Flux vector splitting and stationary contact discontinuity — F. Dubois
Analysis of a Finite Volume Solver for Maxwell's Equations — F. Edelvik
A result of convergence and error estimate of an approximate gradient for elliptic problems — R. Eymard, T. Gallouët, R. Herbin
Finite volume approximation of elliptic problems with irregular data — T. Gallouët, R. Herbin
Analysis of a finite volume scheme for reactive fluid flow problems — A. Holstad, I. Lie
Convergence of a finite volume scheme for a nonlinear convection-diffusion problem — A. Michel
Convergence analysis of a cell-centered FVM — H.P. Scheffler, R. Vanselow
Error estimates on the approximate finite volume solution of convection diffusion equations with boundary conditions — T. Gallouët, R. Herbin, M.H. Vignal
The limited analysis in finite elasticity — I.A. Brigadnov
Entropy consistent finite volume schemes for the thin film equation — G. Grün, M. Rumpf
Convergence of finite volume methods on a general meshes for non smooth solution of elliptic problems with cracks — P. Angot, T. Gallouët, R. Herbin
Application and analysis of finite volume upwind stabilizations for the steady-state incompressible Navier-Stokes equations — L. Angermann
A new cement to glue non-conforming grids with Robin interface conditions — Y. Achdou, C. Japhet, F. Nataf, Y. Maday
Finite Volume Box Schemes — J.-P. Croisille
On nonlinear stability analysis for finite volume schemes, plane wave instability and carbuncle phenomena explanation — M. Abouziarov

Innovative Schemes
A comparison between upwind and multidimensional upwind schemes for unsteady flow — P. Brufau, P. García-Navarro
Reformulation of the unstructured staggered mesh method as a classic finite volume method — B. Perot, X. Zhang
A mixed FE-FV algorithm in non-linear solid dynamics — S.V. Potapov
An Euler Code that can compute Potential Flow — M. Rad, P. Roe
Finite volume evolution Galerkin methods for multidimensional hyperbolic problems — M. Lukácová-Medvidová, K.W. Morton, G. Warnecke
Nonlinear anisotropic artificial dissipation - Characteristic filters for computation of the Euler equations — T. Grahs, A. Meister, T. Sonar
Nonlinear projection methods for multi-entropies Navier-Stokes systems — C. Berthon, F. Coquel
About a Parallel Multidimensional Upwind Solver for LES — D. Caraeni, S. Conway, L. Fuchs
A higher-order-accurate upwind method for 2D compressible flows on cell-vertex unstructured grids — L. Catalano
A New Upwind Least Squares Finite Difference Scheme (LSFD-U) for Euler Equations of Gas Dynamics — N. Balakrishnan, C. Praveen
A finite-volume algorithm for all speed flows — F. Moukalled, M. Darwish
Preserving Vorticity in Finite-Volume Schemes — P. Roe, B. Morton
On Uniformly Accurate Upwinding for Hyperbolic Systems with Relaxation — J. Hittinger, P. Roe
Implicit Finite Volume approximation of incompressible multi-phase flows using an original One Cell Local Multigrid method — S. Vincent, J.P. Caltagirone
New classes of Integration Formulas for CVFEM Discretization of Convection-Diffusion Problems — E.P. Shurina, T.V. Voïtovich

Fields of application
Analysis of Finite Volume Schemes for Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media of Unstructured Grids — M. Afif, B. Amaziane
A preconditioned finite volume scheme for the simulation of equilibrium two-phase flows — S. Clerc
Transient flows in natural valleys computed on topography-adapted mesh — S. Soares Frazao, J. Lau Man Wai, Y. Zech
A mixed Finite Volume/Finite Element method applied to combustion in multiphase medium — N. Glinsky-Olivier, E. Schall
Turbulence Modeling for Separated Flows — L.J. Lenke, H. Simon
Simulation of unsteady Flow in a Vortex-Shredding Flowmeter — S. Perpeet, A. Zachcial, E. von Lavante
A Finite Volume Scheme for the Two-Scale Mathematical Modelling of TiC Ignition Process — A. Aoufi, V. Rosenband
Two Perturbation Methods to Upwind the Jacobian Matrix of Two-Fluid Flow Models — A. Kumbaro, I. Toumi, J. Cortes
Finite volumes simulations in magnetohydrodynamics — M. Hughes, L. Leboucher, V. Bojarevics, K. Pericleous, M. Cross
A finite volume formulation for fluid-structure interaction — C.J. Greenshields, H.G. Weller, A. Ivankovic
Boundary Conditions for Suspended Sediment — V. Bovolin, L. Taglialatela
Second order corrections to the finite volume upwind scheme for the 2D Maxwell equations — B. Bidégaray, J.-M. Ghidaglia
A MHD-Simulation in the Solar Physics — A. Dedner, C. Rohde, M. Wesenberg
A Zooming Technique for Wind Transport of Air Pollution — P.J.F. Berkvens, M.A. Botchev, W.M. Lioen, J.G. Verwer
Computational Solid Mechanics using a Vertex-based Finite Volume Method — G.A. Taylor, C. Bailey, M. Cross
Control volumes technique applied to gas dynamical problems in underground mines — E. Vlasseva
Simulation of salt-fresh water interface in costal aquifers using a finite volume scheme on unstructured meshes — B. Bouzouf, D. Ouazar, I. Elmahi
Progress in the flow simulation of high voltage circuit breakers — X. Ye, L. Müller, K. Kaltenegger, J. Stechbarth
River valley flooding simulation — F. Alcrudo
Modelling vehicular traffic flow on networks using macroscopic models — J.P. Lebacque, M.M. Khoshyaran
Finite Volume method applied to a solid/liquid phase change problem — M. El Ganaoui, P. Bontoux, O. Mazhorova
Integrating finite volume based structural analysis procedures with CFD software to analyse fluid structure interactions — M.A. Wheel, A. Oldroyd, T.J. Scanlon, P. Wenke
A generalized parcel method for the spray dispersion computation — B. Nkonga
Finite Volume Methods for Multiphysics Problems — C. Bailey, M. Cross, K. Pericleous, G.A. Taylor, N. Croft, D. Wheeler, H. Lu
A Finite Volume discretization and multigrid solver for steady viscoealstic fluid flows — H. Al Moatassime, S. Raghay, A. Hakim

Complexity, Performance and Informatics
Various CG-type methods applied to finite volume schemes — O. Schmid, A. Buszligmann, E. von Lavante, M. Moczala
A Newton-Relaxation Finite Volume Scheme for Simulation of Dynamic Motion — B.A. Jolly, M. Rizk
An Attempt to Develop a Multi Purpose FAS Multigrid Algorithm — L Fournier, O. Gloth
On Higher Order Accurate Implicit Time Advancing for Stiff Flow Problems — C. Viozat, E. Schall, A. Dervieux, D. Leservoisier
Numerical Solution of Steady 2D and 3D Impinging Jet Flows — K. Kozel, P. Louda, J. Príhoda
Triangular, Dual and Barycentric Finite Volumes in Fluid Dynamics — J. Felcman, M. Feistauer
Concepts for parallel numerical solution of PDEs — G. Berti
Performing parallel direct numerical simulation of two dimensional heated jets — S. Benazzouz, V.G. Chapin, P. Chassaing
Two-Dimensional Riemann Problems. Assessment Tests for Upwind Methods for Multi-Dimensional Supersonic Flow Problems — J. van Keuk, J. Ballmann
Robustness and accuracy on unstructured grids. Numerical experiments on finite volume schemes — E.A. Meese, S.E. Haaland
A validation of an efficient numerical method for 3-D complex flows — E.A. Fadlun, S. Leonardi, R. Verzicco, P. Orlandi
Comparison of Two Finite Volume Methods for 3D Transonic Flows through Axial Cascades — J. Fort, J. Fürst, J. Halama, K. Kozel
An efficient and universal numerical treatment of source terms in turbulence modelling — B. Merci, J. Steelant, E. Dick
Comparison of numerical solvers for a multicomponent, turbulent flow — E. Xeuxet, A. Forestier, J.M. Hérard
Parallel Overlapping Mesh Techniques for Compressible Flows — J. Rokicki, D. Drikakis, J. Majewski, J. Zoltak
A comparison of Finite Volume and Higher-Order Finite Difference Schemes for the Solution of the Navier-Stokes and Euler equations — M. Meinke, Th. Rister, R. Ewert
Simulation of 3D turbulent flow through steam-turbine control valves — B.N. Agaphonov, V.D. Goryarchev, V.V. Ris, E.M. Smirnov, D.K. Zaitsev

Adaptivity, Tracking and Fitting
An Adaptive Hybrid Object-Oriented Code for CFD-Applications-Adhoc3D — U. Tremel, H. Bleecke, G. Brenner, G. Greiner
Adaptive mesh refinement for single and two phase flow problems in porous media — M. Ohlberger
Parallel solution of hyperbolic PDEs with space-time adaptivity — P. Lötstedt, S. Söderberg
Dynamic mesh generation with grid quality preserving methods — A. Wick, F. Thiele
A Finite Volume Method for Steady Hyperbolic Equations — M.J. Baines, S.J. Leary, M.E. Hubbard
Moving grid technology for finite volume methods in gas dynamics — B.N. Azarenok, S.A. Ivanenko
Numerical Simulation of Lifted Turbulent Methane-Air Diffusion Flames — M. Chen, N. Peters
The application of a conservative grid adaption technique to ID unsteady problems — M. Castro-Díaz, P. García-Navarro
Application of mesh adaptive techniques to mesh convergence in complex CFD — D. Leservoisier, A. Dervieux, P.L. George, O. Penanhoat
Multidimensional Fully Adaptive Finite Volume Schemes for the Numerical Simulation of Stiff Combustion Front Propagation in Condensed Phase — A. Aoufi
Mathematical and numerical modeling of a two-phase flow by a Level Set method — S. Rouy, P. Helluy
Multiresolution analysis on triangles: application to conservation laws — A. Cohen, S.M. Kaber, M. Postel
A local level set method for the treatment of discontinuities on unstructured grids — L. Tran, R. Vilsmeier, D. Hänel

A Stabilized Version of Wang's Partitioning Algorithm for Banded Linear Systems — V. Pavlov
On Jeffreys Model of heat conduction — M. Dryja, K. Moszynski
Investigation of some method for cavitating jet — S. Ocheretvany, V.V. Prokofiev

Index des auteurs