Book:Seymour Lipschutz/Theory and Problems of Linear Algebra/Second Edition

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Seymour Lipschutz: Theory and Problems of Linear Algebra (2nd Edition)

Published $\text {1991}$, Schaum's Outlines

ISBN 0-07-038007-4

Subject Matter


Preface (January, 1991)
Chapter 1: Systems of Linear Equations
Chapter 2: Vectors in $R^n$ and $C^n$, Spatial Vectors
Chapter 3: Matrices
Chapter 4: Square Matrices, Elementary Matrices
Chapter 5: Vector Spaces
Chapter 6: Inner Product Spaces, Orthogonality
Chapter 7: Determinants
Chapter 8: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, Diagonalizaton
Chapter 9: Linear Mappings
Chapter 10: Matrices and Linear Mappings
Chapter 11: Canonical Forms
Chapter 12: Linear Functionals and the Dual Space
Chapter 13: Bilinear, Quadratic, and Hermitian Forms
Chapter 14: Linear Operations on Inner Product Spaces
Appendix: Polynomials Over a Field

Further Editions