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Terry Wiley: Surreal School Stories

Published $\text {1995 - 1998}$, Gratuitous Bunny Comics.


Strictly fiction, published in a series of comics in direct imitation of The Magnet.

Contains enough of in-jokes and plot devices rooted in a knowledge of science and mathematics to keep an averagely-intellectually-endowed reader entertained for hours.


No. 1 Vol. 1: Strange Doings at Tycho (April 1995)
The First Chapter: A Mysterious Scholarship
The Second Chapter: Tycho Brahe School for Girls
The Third Chapter: The Beans Are Spilled
The Fourth Chapter: Recidivists and Transplants
The Fifth Chapter: Â La Carte
The Sixth Chapter: A Prophecy Fulfilled
The Seventh Chapter: A Secret Place
The Eighth Chapter: Fists Fly
The Ninth Chapter: Welcome Aboard

No. 2 Vol. 1: The Late Seventies Masonettes (July 1995)
The First Chapter: Fiat Lux
The Second Chapter: 'My Brain Hurts'
The Third Chapter: Someone To Watch Over Me
The Fourth Chapter: It's an Odd Girl who Doesn't Like Sport
The Fifth Chapter: Bones To Pick
The Sixth Chapter: She Knows that I Know
The Seventh Chapter: Waiting and Watching
The Eighth Chapter: TMA
The Ninth Chapter: Down Town
The Tenth Chapter: The Great Escape
The Eleventh Chapter: Teenage Kicks

No. 3 Vol. 1: A Week in Politics ... (June 1996)
The First Chapter: The Sky-Clad
The Second Chapter: "What Are We Going To Do Now?"
The Third Chapter: A Dreadful Schism
The Fourth Chapter: Friends, In Need
The Fifth Chapter: The Body Electric
The Sixth Chapter: There's a Girl in My Soup
The Seventh Chapter: A Cunning Plan
The Eighth Chapter: Sorcoress?
The Ninth Chapter: 'An RKO Radio Picture'
The Tenth Chapter: Gretchen Explained
The Eleventh Chapter: Here Comes That Girl Again

No. 4 Vol. 1: Lost In France (Dec. 1996)
The First Chapter: Skywalker
The Second Chapter: The Message
The Third Chapter: Lucy in the Sky
The Fourth Chapter: Awakenings
The Fifth Chapter: Cake, Slavery and the Theatre
The Sixth Chapter: J.M.B. - G.C.E.
The Seventh Chapter: No Sleep Till Christmas
The Eighth Chapter: Three Sisters
The Ninth Chapter: What I Did on my Holidays
The Tenth Chapter: French For Beginners
The Eleventh Chapter: Coach To Coast
The Twelfth Chapter: Croix D'Agades
The Thirteenth Chapter: Au Tour de la Village
The Fourteenth Chapter: La Danse Macabre
The Fifteenth Chapter: Espionage

No. 5 Vol. 1: Ascension (Sep. 1997)
The First Chapter: An Even Greater Escape
The Second Chapter: Returning & Departing
The Third Chapter: Allons au Château
The Fourth Chapter: Rhodes Knows
Chapter Four-and-a-Half: Jo's Journal
The Fifth Chapter: La Vielle Paname
The Sixth Chapter: Goodbye to All That
The Seventh Chapter: While You Were Away ...
The Eighth Chapter: The Polly Problem
The Ninth Chapter: Missing the Missing
The Tenth Chapter: Someone Found, Something Lost
The Eleventh Chapter: A Tremulous Eighth
The Twelfth Chapter: The Box of Secrets

No. 6 Vol. 1: The Widows and their Daughters (Mar. 1998)
The First Chapter: The Story So Far
The Second Chapter: Reconnoitre
The Third Chapter: Bodies In Motion
The Fourth Chapter: Met By Moonlight
The Fifth Chapter: Stuck In Snow
The Sixth Chapter: The Headmistress Ritual / Still Ill
The Seventh Chapter: And What Is a Drumlin?
The Eighth Chapter: Consequences
The Ninth Chapter: An Ending ...
The Tenth Chapter: ... Ascent
The Eleventh Chapter: The Secret Place
The Last Chapter: Under Stars & Overschool