Book:Tom M. Apostol/Calculus Volume 2

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Tom M. Apostol: Calculus Volume 2

Published $\text {1969}$, Xerox Corporation

Subject Matter


$\S 1$ Linear Spaces

$\S 2$ Linear Transformations and Matrices

$\S 3$ Determinants

$\S 4$ Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

$\S 5$ Eigenvalues of Operators Acting on Euclidean Spaces

$\S 6$ Linear Differential Equations

$\S 7$ Systems of Differential Equations

$\S 8$ Differential Calculus of Scalar and Vector Fields

$\S 9$ Applications of Differential Calculus

$\S 10$ Line Integrals

$\S 11$ Multiple Integrals

$\S 12$ Surface Integrals

$\S 13$ Set Functions and Elementary Probability

$\S 14$ Calculus of Probabilities

$\S 15$ Introduction to Numerical Analysis