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This category contains results about Relation Isomorphisms.

Let $\struct {S_1, \RR_1}$ and $\struct {S_2, \RR_2}$ be relational structures.

Let there exist a bijection $\phi: S_1 \to S_2$ such that:

$(1): \quad \forall \tuple {s_1, t_1} \in \RR_1: \tuple {\map \phi {s_1}, \map \phi {t_1} } \in \RR_2$
$(2): \quad \forall \tuple {s_2, t_2} \in \RR_2: \tuple {\map {\phi^{-1} } {s_2}, \map {\phi^{-1} } {t_2} } \in \RR_1$

Then $\struct {S_1, \RR_1}$ and $\struct {S_2, \RR_2}$ are isomorphic, and this is denoted $S_1 \cong S_2$.

The function $\phi$ is called a relation isomorphism, or just an isomorphism, from $\struct {S_1, \RR_1}$ to $\struct {S_2, \RR_2}$.