Coprimality Relation is Non-Reflexive

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Consider the coprimality relation on the set of integers:

$\forall x, y \in \Z: x \perp y \iff \gcd \set {x, y} = 1$

where $\gcd \set {x, y}$ denotes the greatest common divisor of $x$ and $y$.


$\perp$ is non-reflexive.


Proof by Counterexample:

We have from GCD of Integer and Divisor:

$\gcd \set {n, n} = n$

and so, for example:

$\gcd \set {2, 2} = 2$

and so:

$2 \not \perp 2$

Hence $\perp$ is not reflexive.

But we also note that:

$\gcd \set {1, 1} = 1$

and so:

$1 \perp 1$

demonstrating that $\perp$ is not antireflexive either.

The result follows by definition of non-reflexive relation.