Definition:Concatenation of Ordered Tuples

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This page is about Concatenation in the context of Ordered Tuple. For other uses, see Concatenation.


Let $S$ be a set.

Let $w, w'$ be finite sequences in $S$ of lengths $n$ and $n'$, respectively.

Then the concatenation of $w$ and $w'$, denoted $w * w'$ or simply $w w'$, is the sequence of $n + n'$ terms defined by:

$\map {w * w'} i := \begin{cases} \map w i & : \text {if $1 \le i \le n$} \\ \map {w'} {i - n} & : \text {if $n < i \le n + n'$} \end{cases}$

Algebraic Structure

Let $S^*$ be the Kleene closure of $S$.

Then $\struct {S^*, *}$ is an algebraic structure, and by definition a magma.

Linguistic Note

The word concatenation derives from the Latin com- for with/together and the Latin word catena for chain.

However, the end result of such an operation is not to be confused with a (set theoretical) chain.