Definition:Evaluation Linear Transformation/Normed Vector Space

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Let $\Bbb F \in \set {\R, \C}$.

Let $\struct {X, \norm \cdot_X}$ be a normed vector space over $\Bbb F$.

Let $\struct {X^\ast, \norm \cdot_{X^\ast} }$ be the normed dual of $\struct {X, \norm \cdot_X}$.

Let $\struct {X^{\ast \ast}, \norm \cdot_{X^{\ast \ast} } }$ be the second normed dual of $\struct {X, \norm \cdot_X}$.

For each $x \in X$, define $x^\wedge : X^\ast \to \Bbb F$ by:

$\map {x^\wedge} f = \map f x$

Then we define the evaluation linear transformation from $X$ into $X^{\ast \ast}$ as the function $\iota : X \to X^{\ast \ast}$ defined by:

$\map \iota x = x^\wedge$

for each $x \in X$.

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