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Let $\struct {S, \preccurlyeq}$ be a totally ordered set.

Let $\prec$ be the reflexive reduction of $\preccurlyeq$.

Let $a \in S$ be any point in $S$.

The following sets are called open rays or open half-lines:

$\set {x \in S: a \prec x}$ (the strict upper closure of $a$), denoted $a^\succ$
$\set {x \in S: x \prec a}$ (the strict lower closure of $a$), denoted $a^\prec$.

Also known as

An open ray is also sometimes referred to as an open half-line.

The notations:

$\openint a \to$ for $a^\succ$
$\openint \gets a$ for $a^\prec$

can also be used.

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