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Where is the proof?!

"I just visited Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (insert your favourite page) expecting to see a proof of this important result. However, despite the theorem being split up into two parts, I didn't find a proof for either of them."

As you can see, each of the two parts has a section heading in blue - it is a link. These links take you to an appropriate sub-page of the main result (e.g. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus/First Part).
The proof(s) of this part of the whole theorem are gathered on this subpage. Similarly, when multiple proofs are present, the headings "Proof N" often are also links, to the sub-page containing only that particular proof.
In this way, every proof (and definition) can be unambiguously referenced internally. This is important, for example, when establishing certain definitions are equivalent - we wouldn't want the proof of that to depend on its result. Thus, there is seen to be a need to be able to refer to a particular proof of a theorem. --Lord_Farin (talk) 12:25, 26 January 2013 (UTC)