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$\mathsf{Pr} \infty \mathsf{fWiki}$ strives not just to provide Proofs, but to present all possible proofs of each theorem.

Page structure

As with multiple definitions, the theorem statement is copied identically on the transcluded subpages, but not inside the <onlyinclude> ... </onlyinclude> tags.

Pages that deviate from this structure have to be refactored accordingly.


A source backing up a proof is only placed at the corresponding transcluded proof page, not on the main page.

Special Cases

Multiple Proof Outlines

Giving Specific Names

Partially coinciding proofs

See also Help:Splitting Sources


If a proof originates from a source work, the source has to be placed on the same subpage as the proof. If the source mentions a theorem without proving it, it has to be placed on the main page of the theorem.

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