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German-born mathematician who emigrated to Britain who worked mainly in the fields of probability theory and analysis.

One of the many refugees assisted by John Charles Burkill.


German-born British


  • Born: November 21 1921, Berlin
  • 1935: Emigrated to Britain with family to escape Nazism
  • 1941: Took Part II of Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge, served as Scientific Officer with the British Admiralty
  • 1945: Secured the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (Mathematical Research Institute at Oberwolfach) for the postwar mathematical community
  • 1945: Returned to Trinity as research student
  • 1946: Recruited to the Department of Mathematics at Manchester University
  • 1952: Worked on stochastic processes with Walter Ledermann
  • 1959: Taught as professor in Durham, and later at Imperial College in London
  • Died: April 20 1992


Also known as

Usually known by the name Harry Reuter.