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Chinese mathematician famous for his important contributions to number theory and for his role as the leader of mathematics research and education in the People's Republic of China.




  • Born: 12 November 1910 in Jintan, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Died: 12 June 1985 in Tokyo, Japan

Theorems and Definitions


  • 1929: Some Researches on the Theorem of Sturm
  • 1956: Introduction to Number Theory
  • 1958: Harmonic Analysis of Functions of Several Complex Variables in the Classical Domains
  • 1959: Exponential Sums and Their Applications in Number Theory
  • 1966: Additive Theory of Prime Numbers
  • 1978: Applications of Number Theory to Numerical Analysis
  • 1981: Starting with the Unit Circle: Background to Higher Analysis

Also known as

Simplified Chinese: 华罗庚; traditional Chinese: 華羅庚; pinyin: Huà Luógēng; Wade–Giles: Hua Lo-keng. Hua is his family name.